In Celebratory Mood, Venezuelans Vote for Constituent Assembly

People wait to cast their vote at a polling station during the Constituent Assembly election in Caracas.teleSUR is on the ground in Venezuela, getting reactions from people as they vote for the ANC.

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans gathered outside schools, libraries and municipal buildings wrapping around streets at dawn to cast their vote for the National Constituent Assembly, or as many describe it a “Fiesta de Paz” or “Peace Party.”

Leading the way was a 100-year-old grandmother who arrived at five in the morning with a message of peace. “Venezuela does not stop for anyone,” the woman said adding that the voting process was a “marvelous experience” and was surprised by how quickly the line moved.

She is not alone in her message of peace. teleSUR correspondents Monica Vistali and Alejandro Kirk joined the crowds to record their thoughts on this historic day.

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