In Camaguey, Homeopathic Medicine Shows Good Results in Cancer Treatment

Vidatox 30 CH

Camaguey, Sep 13.- The use of Vidatox 30 CH, a Cuban homeopathic medicine product which is obtained from the scorpion venom, shows good results in cancer treatment in Camaguey province.

The specialists in Oncology of the territory said that this medicine can be used in any phase of the illness.

By its natural origin, Vidatox 30 CH is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antirust medical product, but especially it has an anti-carcinogenic effect.

This year, the Cuban Biological Pharmaceutical Laboratories (LABIOFAM) reached a greater production capacity that allows that this product is present in community pharmacies of the province.

Vidatox 30 CH is also exported to several nations, taking into consideration that from the first stages of its clinical trial, reached the recognition of scientists of high level foreign laboratories.

Since the end of last year, LABIOFAM incorporated into the market other medicines such as the Asmacán and the Nutrisol, effective to strengthen the immune system, in addition to cosmetic creams and other products to treat infections linked to atopic dermatitis.

By Alex López Almaguer, Radio Cadena Agramonte

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