Importance of Global Veterinary Stressed in Cuba

Havana, October 6.- Veterinary is an essential branch of science by the endless applications that flow from them, said now a specialist sector PANVET 2014 regional conference in Havana.

The president of the Scientific Veterinary Council of Cuba (CCVC) Beatriz Amaro, stressed that the social role of the veterinary has a huge importance in the development of nations and is a critical factor in maintaining health.

The CCVC director and president of the organizing committee of 2014 PANVET , which houses the capital, said that the current development of that science generates new advances global phenomenon.

In order to enhance this trend, Amaro called all participants XXIV Pan American Congress of Veterinary Sciences to exchange experiences in teaching, and scientific production. areas

The CCVC is a member of the Pan American Association of Veterinary Science, and organizes this year’s PANVET to be held until next October 9 at the Convention Palace in Havana. (Prensa Latina)

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