Impact of U.S. measures on Venezuelan population denounced

larry davoe

Caracas, May 30 (Prensa Latina) The coercive measures of the United States government against Venezuela are intended to deprive the population of basic means of subsistence, denounced this Saturday the executive secretary of the National Council of Human Rights, Larry Devoe.

In an interview granted to the Xinhua news agency and reviewed by local media, Devoe described as a crime against humanity the formulas of economic asphyxiation applied by the U.S. executive, in order to prevent Venezuela from having resources to meet the needs of the people.

Such measures deprived the country of important assets abroad and froze funds that were intended for food, medicine and the maintenance of public services, currently affected by the impossibility of acquiring the necessary spare parts, he added.

He further noted that, as a result, it is prevented from marketing its oil on the international market, on which most of its income depends.

According to Devoe, in addition to the serious restrictions that the U.S. executive is undertaking against the South American country, informal mechanisms of persecution and blackmail are used against anyone who tries to maintain commercial relations with Venezuela.


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