“If you want to understand Cuba, and especially old Habana, go there”

th601XN8E8My mother and father worked in Old Habana, and I lived there until I was 2…don’t remember anything other than what my parents told me. I left Cuba in 1961 and returned after a 51 years absence…I have taken visitors from Mexico, where I live, and each and everyone was amazed about Old Habana…one client, who’s a historian and cultural connoisseur, even seriously told me that there were many ghosts in old Habana when she visited there.

Don’t fall for the political story line, both from the USA and Cuba, dig deeper and you’ll find the real Cuba, the real Habana…it’s been exploited by many, yet it has survived…just watch the smiles and you’ll understand.

Visited March 2014


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