If you could save a life, would you? If you could extend a life, would you? If you could save the world from the next pandemic, would you?

Today the medication Heberprot-P heals diabetic ulcers and prevents amputations. Heberprot-P was developed by Cuba.

Cimavax, is a non-small cell lung cancer medication that can extend a person’s life by years. Cimavax was developed by Cuba.

But neither of these medications is available to the U.S. people because of the illegal U.S. blockade against trade with Cuba. Cuba’s internationally recognized biotechnical innovations are being denied to the U.S. people. It is hurting us, and the world.

This is wrong. You can help change it.

On June 1, 2023 the Washington Post published an article “Next pandemic, let Cuba vaccinate the world.” It outlines Cuba’s achievements in fighting COVID-19 with homegrown vaccines. It questions the U.S. sanctions against Cuba that hinder further development of the excellent Cuban scientific institutes. Cuba has cultivated its own biotech industry that has developed cutting-edge vaccines and treatments.

Cuba shares its scientific and medical breakthroughs. Cuba has made medications available to countries unable to afford the very expensive prices of first-world pharmaceutical companies. But Cuba has been systematically blocked in its quest to make its own highly effective vaccines widely available, including to the U.S. people, due to U.S. sanctions and the U.S.’ illegal blockade.

A growing number of people in the United States want to see those medications made available to the people of the United States and the world. These include state assembly representatives, senators, congressmen, farmers, dairy workers, numerous business associations, ecclesiastical groups, physicians, health care professionals in all disciplines, lawyers, professors, teachers, unions and students. All are thinking people who have learned about Cuba’s achievements and agree that U.S. government policy towards Cuba must change.

Please read and sign the attached letter and join the growing ranks of thinking people who have joined in making this direct appeal to our president, Joseph Biden, on behalf of the best interests of the U.S. population.

And please pass the letter on to friends, associates, and to groups you know. The impact of the letter depends on how many signed letters President Biden receives. Put it on your Facebook page, tweet it to friends, put it on TikTok. Help get the word out to everyone you know who agrees these medications – scientifically proven to be capable of benefiting our people and saving lives and limbs – need to be approved for purchase and use in the U.S. Ask your contacts to pass this letter along to theirs!

You can do something right now to cancel the disastrous policies denying these lifesaving medications to the people of our country.

Link to letter: https://info023787.wixsite.com/medical-petition

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