Hottest Cuban salsa group releases new album

CUBA-LA HABANA-PRESENTA ALEXANDER ABREU SU ÚLTIMO CD LA VUELTA AL MUNDOHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 7 (acn) La vuelta al mundo (Around the world), latest album of Alexander Abreu and Havana D’ Primera, will be presented next Friday at the Avellaneda hall of the National Theatre in a concert that will include the participation of the salsa singer Nicaraguan Luis Enrique.

Produced by Pafata Productions and licensed in Cuba by Unicornio record label, the phonogram will be exclusively launched on the island, with the additional collaboration of singer Mario Rivera (Mayito) and Monte Osaín group.

The premiere of the phonogram, which already won the Cubadisco 2015 Grand Prize, will be an extremely diverse show, full of folk poetry, syncope and singular style that characterizes Abreu´s band.

This is a CD with supernatural force because its purpose is to go through the world in a clearer way, telling everyone that Cuban music has the power to show our roots, said today at a press conference the leader of Havana D’ Primera.

As for the track that gives name to the album, the also trumpeter said that this single, recorded in a duet with Luis Enrique, is a new way to tell stories, now from a more universal and easy to understand language.

La vuelta al mundo is nothing but a positive message away from musical aggressiveness; we just try to sing to love and friendship, he added.

He also noted that during the concert on Friday, luis Enrique, aka the Prince of Salsa, will also sing many of his songs, including Yo no sé mañana, Cambia and Cómo volver a ser feliz.

With 12 tracks, -all composed by Alexander Abreu, the third album of Havana D ‘Primera is a mandatory look to the new scene of popular dance music, now renewed by this luxury artists.

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