Hotel Nacional de Cuba awarded again in 2023

Havana, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) The emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba was once again awarded by the World Travel Awards, this time for its performance in 2023, they officially reported today.

For this award, the managers and workers of this facility showed their pride in working in the leading tourism lodging establishment in Cuba.

Spokespersons for that hotel recalled they have received this important recognition for 19 years, which motivates them to continue their efforts to improve their service to guests and clients, with reinforcement of the culture of detail.

In addition, the management took the opportunity to thank all those who make this recognition possible, especially the employees of the facility, the management and all the collaborators who trust in the quality of their services. Opportunely, the general director of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Luis Miguel Díaz, mentioned this year on December 30, his establishment celebrates 93 years of inauguration. The National Hotel is the emblem of Cuban tourism, he reiterated, where celebrities from the five continents have passed.

In recognition of its history, elegance, and treasured documents, the Hotel received the status of National Memory, granted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). Listed as a National Monument of Cuba, the hotel has a wonderful view of a good part of the capital.

Distinctive of Cuban five-star hostels, the Nacional is operated by the local Gran Caribe hotel group.

The house was planned by Mckim Mead and White Architects of New York and its construction was carried out by the Purdy Henderson Company, which guaranteed the opening on the aforementioned date (1930).

Its lineage is confirmed by those who were its guests, such as Johnny Weismuller, Ava Gardner, Buster Keaton, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra and other stars, politicians, athletes and celebrities from different spheres, including Winston Churchill, who at the time was British Prime Minister. Hotel Nacional de Cuba was awarded again in 2023.

In the 1940s, the touch of distinction was provided by the Cabaret Parisién, which is currently the second best in the country after Tropicana (1939).

With its 457 rooms, most with ocean views (16 suites and one presidential), the hotel is also the hub of the most important meetings in the country, tourism or other spheres. The Nacional has a Hall of Fame where you can see images of those who were in its corridors, rooms and restaurants or bars.


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