His Wedding Dress Cuban film is on Argentine screens

Buenos Aires, Oct 3 (Prensa Latina) Marilyn Solaya’s ‘His Wedding Dress’ Cuban film will be shown today on Argentine screens in the Latin American film ‘Mira pa aca’ showcase, arranged by the public Contar website of audiovisual content.

The film, which is one of several from the continent that will be shown in the platform until tomorrow, can be enjoyed via streaming through Contar website, which invites us to see through the eyes of Latin American cinema ‘our own realities and languages, rich and diverse, full of possibilities,’ the organizers detailed.

Winner of awards in competitions in Havana, Italy and Spain, Solaya’s work tells the story of Rosa Elena and Ernesto, a couple who fall in love, get married and try to be happy until a secret in her life threatens that harmony and turns them into victims of violence, prejudice and stereotypes.

Along with the Cuban feature film, the section also includes ‘Todos cambiamos,’ (Everybody Changes) directed by Panamanian Arturo Montenegro, and ‘Aqui estoy, aqui no,’ (Here I am, here not) by Chilean Elisa Eliash.


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