Hike and Music Accompany Cuba’s Unequaled Solidarity with Angola

Luanda, Nov 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s unequaled solidarity with Angola was highlighted today with a hike under the chords of music by Cuban collaborators and residents here, and Angolans who celebrated 42 years of relations together.

Under the sun – sometimes elusive – of a hot day of the austral summer, hundreds of people marched almost three kilometers to commemorate the signing of the first general collaboration agreement and the bilateral intergovernmental commission, on November 15, 1975.

Hurrahs to Cuba, to Angola, to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (who died last year), and to the presidents, Raúl Castro and Joao Lourenzo prevailed in the tour.

Cuban music by Carlos Puebla and Alexander Abreu encouraged the participants, among whom were the Minister of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women Victoria Francisco Correia Conceizao, and diplomatic staff of Cuba and Venezuela.

There were also Angolan chants and flag waving and other attachments such as umbrellas and caps, with which the attendees protected themselves from the heat that even the breeze of the bay did not dissipate.

It also served as a reminder to the independent head of Angola, the late President Agostinho Neto, who along with Fidel Castro began ‘a bond that will be maintained forever,’ said Fernando Jaime, the secretary general of the Angola-Cuba Friendship Association.

The relations will last forever, we will continue united because the reasons for our unity are valid, said Jaime, for whom the Angolans recognize Cuban actions in Angola.

When in 1975 our country was invaded through the North and the South we had the support of many countries, but one, Cuba, shed its blood for the preservation of Angolan sovereignty, he recalled.

We are here – he said – because Neto and Fidel (Castro) said yes to the unity of action, to peace, to harmony, to fruitful relations.

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