Heritage and tradition: Top 10 Museums outside Havana

As a Cuban who currently lives outside of the island in a country where the spoken language is Spanish but with a different accent, many times people ask you a typical question: Where do you come from? Cuba? Oh from Havana, they whisper, and like a proud “camagueyana” (citizen from Camaguey) and Cuba lover, I whisper too. But Cuba is so much more than Havana and there are many fantastic destinations to visit across the country.  Across Cuba you will find many museums, so different from the Louvre and Hermitage, but so picturesque and illuminating,  showcasing my Caribbean island’s history and wealth.

Here I share my ‘Top 10’ list of interesting and diverse Cuban museums outside Havana:

Museo del Ron (Santiago of Cuba)
Museo del Carnaval (Santiago of Cuba)
Casa de Diego Velázquez (Santiago of Cuba)
Chorro de Maíta. Museo arqueológico. (Holguín).
Museo Provincial Ignacio Agramonte (Colección de Arte Cubano, Camaguey)
Museo Romántico (Trinidad)
Museo de la Lucha Contra Bandidos (Trinidad)
Museo de Artes Decorativas (Santa Clara)
Museo de Playa Girón (Matanzas)
Museo Hemingway (Mayabeque)

By Delia Alvarez, Locally Sourced Cuba Tours

September 7, 2015


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