Herbie Hancock and the jazz embrace in Cuba

Herbie Hancock and the jazz embrace in Cuba

On Cuba April 29, 2017 by Eric Caraballoso | Herbie Hancock said it without flattery or smugness: “Cuba is the perfect place to celebrate jazz.”

It could seem a set phrase. Generous. Obliged by courtesy. But the winner of 14 Grammy awards doesn’t need to spare words. That he’s not in Havana on vacation.

Herbie Hancock traveled to Cuba as promoter of International Jazz Day, as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, as a legend of a genre that has shaken world culture for more than a century.

In this scenario of supreme freedom that jazz is, Hancock does not need credentials. Chameleonic, rich, respectful and at the same time irreverent, he has practically experienced all the jazz styles of recent decades, from the hard and post-bop to jazz funk and electronic. As a keyboard player he has founded a unique style, an incomparable harmonic domain.

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