Health System Recovers in Havana after Hurricane Irma

Havana, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) 72 hours after Hurricane Irma”s onslaught in Havana, 98 percent of hospitals in the capital city already has electricity and running water, said local director of health Reynol Garcia.

‘Most of our hospitals are already connected to the national electrical system, only two percent of them is using power generators’, Garcia told Prensa Latina news agency.

Garcia said that there are 30 hospitals in Havana, some of them provide health services throughout the country, 82 polyclinics and more than 2,000 offices for the Primary Health System, and after assessing all damages in those facilities, he stated that the Cuban Government has the resources needed to carry out the full recovery process.

Dr. Mery Torres, deputy director of Medical Assistance at the Salvador Allende Hospital, said that electricity service was completely restored, while the hemodialysis ward was the only one using power generators on Wednesday.

Torres said that the main damages at this hospital were related to fallen trees and the interruption of the electricity service, in that regard, she highlighted that various state institutions swiftly started the recovery works.


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