HBO To Debut ‘Mariela Castro’s March: Cuba’s LGBT Revolution’ Next Week

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-36-10-amHBO will debut Mariela Castro’s March: Cuba’s LGBT Revolution on Monday, November 28.

Directed by Jon Alpert (Baghdad ER), the documentary follows Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro and a member of Cuba’s National Assembly, as she calls for greater rights for members of the LGBT community.

“[T]he documentary spotlights gay, lesbian, and trans activists through revealing stories of pain, love, strength and perseverance, all told against a rapidly changing social and political backdrop,” the film’s description reads in part.

The documentary follows Castro as she and other activists prepare for a celebratory Gala Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

In 2012, Castro introduced a proposal to legalize civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, saying that her measure would provide “options” for gay couples similar to those available to straight couples.

On Top Magazine Staff, On Top Magazine

November 20, 2016

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