Havana hosts Business Forum with African countries

HAVANA, Cuba, May 30 (ACN) A meeting between Cuban businesspeople and the African Group of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country will be held today in this city by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba in order to strengthen links between the parties and present export projects focused on the African market.

In 2023, according to Sergio Espinosa Moré, director of Trade Policy with Africa and the Middle East of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Investment, Africa accounted for 12% of the services and 1% of the goods imported to Cuba.

The island, in turn, sold its services to 49 African nations, whereas 24 purchased Cuban goods.

Following the celebration of Africa Day on May 25, groups of countries have come together in that continent to make agreements with customs unions and common markets with a view to integration and the objectives of the Agenda of the African Union (AU) until 2063 through actions conducive to a more prosperous region based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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