Haitian organizations promote week of solidarity with Cuba

Port-au-Prince, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) Haitian social and political organizations are promoting a week of solidarity with Cuba in which they are calling for the lifting of the blockade unilaterally imposed by the United States, one of their organizers confirmed on Tuesday.

Camille Chalmers, executive director of the Haitian Platform for Alterntive Development (PAPDA) told Prensa Latina that this initiative intends to inform about the consequences of this hostile policy, in effect for over six decades, and denounce its impact on the Cuban and other Caribbean peoples.

The also spokesman of the Rasin Kan Pep La party (Socialist Regrouping for a New National Initiative), considered that the economic blockade is part of the strategies by the Washington administration to attack and subdue countries.

He also described the world solidarity movement, which calls for the end of decades of economic oppression against Cuba, as indispensable and timely.

‘We are joining our voices to this general cry of all the peoples of the world demanding the immediate and unconditional end of the blockade,’ he said.

During the solidarity week, activists from the Collective of Haitian Progressive Organizations for Solidarity with Peoples, the Kombit of Union and Popular Organizations, PAPDA and the Rasin party, have scheduled several interviews with radio and television stations of the country.

Finally, a lecture-debate will be held at the Faculty of Human Sciences from the State University on Friday, in order to explain what the blockade means as an unjust, criminal and illegal action, Chalmers said.


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