Habano Festival Participants Compete for Longest Ash

1425056020habano2015[1]Those attending the 17th Habano Festival competed in the second version of the international competition to determine the smoker to achieve the longest ash. The seat of the contest, which involved lovers of the famous Cuban cigars, was the Conventions Center in Havana.

The winner of this competition will be announced today at the closing ceremony of the event, which brought together more than 1 600 participants from 60 nations.

According to experts the combustibility of the ash depends fundamentally on the quality of the cigar and the Habanos are ideal for this.

Soil conditions, the weather, water and minerals present in cultivated areas are also very important.

Olivia Terry Carbajal, a journalist from Radio Cadena Habana, was the champion of the first edition of this contest.

On this day the delegates visited Havana’s flagship facilities H. Upmann and La Corona, in which prestigious Cuban cigars are made.

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