Guatemala and Cuba: 24 years of solidarity and humanism

Guatemala City, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Guatemala reaffirmed the willingness to continue its health collaboration after 24 years of serving in the Central American nation.

The Cuban doctors´ renewed commitment took place at La Tinta hospital, the same place where received the first 19 Cuban doctors back on November 5, 1998, and on November 14, other 31 doctors were also sent to La Tinta Hospital, in Alta Verapaz, one of the spots most hit by Hurricane Mitch in its devastating passage across Central America.

Stories of those days of human and material losses revealed that the Cuban health professionals rescued the health care center from the mud and started off by assisting locals in just 48 hours.

“24 years after the beginning of the Cuban medical collaboration in Guatemala, the Cuban people, health workers and government reaffirm their commitment to serve Guatemala with the solidary work of all their children,” the text read.


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