Guantanamo Welcomes Environmentalists from Around the World

An exchange among members of the scientific community and environmentalists from around the world committed to safeguarding the planet and its natural resources will take place in Guantanamo since November 18 until 22 during the First International Symposium on the Alejandro Humboldt National Park.

The event, which will be held in the city of Baracoa, welcomes the 18th anniversary of the creation of that protected area, considered the most important in Cuba, the main core of the reserve of Toa´s biosphere and world heritage site since 2001.

The opening of the environmental event reserves the screening of the audiovisual “Baracoa, Naturaleza y Tradiciones (Baracoa, Nature and Traditions) and Keynote address with the title Las áreas protegidas y el desarrollo local (the Protected areas and local development), by Dr. of Science José Antonio Rodríguez Oruña, of Guantanamo University.

In addition, the forum aims to sharing experiences in the protection of biodiversity, papers related to this task in the Alejandro Humboldt Park, educational topics, environmental economics, climate change as well as natural, historic and cultural heritage of the continent other nations.

The First International Symposium for the creation the Alejandro Humboldt Park also provides ecotours through places like the Balcony of Iberia, Taco Bay and El Recreo, natural places where visitors will appreciate the manatee, the only marine mammal living in Cuba, and will value improvement projects regarding the water use.

By Naily Barrientos Matos,

November 19, 2014

Translation: Ilia Charon

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