Greater Richmond Chamber Plans Trip to Cuba

RICHMOND, VA (WRIC) – Cuba: Even though it’s fewer than one hundred miles from the Florida coast, most Americans have only seen pictures of the colorful country.

This is due to the fact that the United States government banned travel to Cuba more than 50 years ago. Now, there’s an opportunity to visit the island nation, legitimately, through the Greater Richmond Chamber.

Christy Schneider McCurdy with the Greater Richmond Chamber says, “I think there’s always been an interest in checking out Cuba and we just thought that this would be a great way to offer it to the public.”

?The Chamber is partnering with a California company licensed by the U.S. government to take travel groups to Cuba. The trip is slated for next January, and is open to anyone with a curiosity for Cuba…and $3,600.

According to McCurdy, “It’s not a beach vacation. You’ll be very busy on the trip. You’ll be scheduled from in the morning through the evenings and you’ll get to meet a lot of really interesting people and see a lot of things that most Americans don’t have the chance to see.”

The trip is considered a “people to people” excursion, meaning participants will meet one-on-one with people who live there. That is the only legitimate way for most Americans to visit Cuba.

So the busy itinerary isn’t a choice–it’s required of everyone traveling in the group.

The Chamber emphasizes that this will not be a visit to drum up business or commerce.

McCurdy adds, “It’s more about see this part of the world, learn about the culture learn, about the history, learn about the relationship between the US and Cuba.”

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