Governments and organizations Worldwide Salute the Cuban Revolution

Havana, Russia, Brazil and Equatorial Guinea have sent messages congratulating the 56th anniversary of the Revolution, the heroic resistance of its people and the return of the Cuban Five, heroes that suffered imprisonment in the United States for defending their country from terrorism.

Russian president Vladimir Putin congratulated his Cuban peer, Raul Castro on occasion of the Revolution’s 56th anniversary and the New Year, making votes for friendship and the bilateral productive links.

Putin stressed the rising development of Russian-Cuba relations, confirmed during the official talks held last July in Havana, during his visit to the island and other Latin American nations.

He assured that the common efforts of Moscow and Havana will guarantee the ulterior development of productive links and their interaction as partners in international issues.

The Communist Party of Brazil saluted the anniversary and the victory of the announcement by the Presidents of Cuba and the United States, of reestablishment of diplomatic relations, which represents a great victory of resistance and bravery of the Cuban people.

In Ecuatorial Guinea, the governor of Litoral Bata, Amado Nguema Owomoenviara, transmitted to the government and people of Cuba his greetings on the 56th anniversary of the Revolution, informed today the Cuban embassy in the African country.

The leading figure of Bata also thanked Cuba for the cooperation given in several areas, highlighted the text.

Written by PL,

January 1, 2015

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