Government to Seek the Stability of Venezuela in Dialogue

Caracas, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will seek to find a path of political, economic, social stability for the people and to reach presidential elections under the guarantee of peace and stability in the dialogue in the Dominican Republic.

This was expressed today by Elías Jaua, government representative at the dialogue table with the opposition, who reiterated that at the meeting scheduled between both parties for this December 1st and 2nd they will raise their voice in defense of a people with the full right to their sovereignty and self-determination.

Jaua made his pronouncements in the Encuentro Popular program, broadcast by YVKE Mundial, where he stressed that it is only the Venezuelan people who can choose what their destiny is.

The Chavista leader advocated the cessation of ‘the aggression, the permanent sabotage, the de facto boycott that we are applying in commercial and financial matters, to try to aggravate the supply situation, and with it, to push the speculative escalation that has been unleashed.’

The Bolivarian Revolution, he pointed out, will never renounce the principle of defending the citizens of this country ‘to their just right to political participation, in their leading exercise.’

He also called on right-wing representatives to demonstrate ‘at least a halo of patriotism, of feeling for the people and that they go with an attitude of finding a climate of political stability for our country.’

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