From New York to Havana for Operation Truth

Washington, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) Dr. Amín Cruz described his visit paid to Cuba as a “for-nobody-to-tell-me” chance to attend the ¨New Operation Truth¨ International Conference, organized by Prensa Latina News Agency.

The majestic event, which on Sunday and Monday brings together in Havana representatives from some thirty nations, among them Cruz, a Dominican diplomat, journalist and writer living in New York, will allow attendees to debate on today´s communication challenges in a context of proliferation of fake news.

Not everything that is said about Cuba is true, there is a lot of information that is minimized and distorted, so I think that being present in Havana will also give those present at the event that dimension of the real Cuba, Cruz stated.

“I know a blockade Cuba and even so it is above other nations around the globe,” he stressed, while claiming that when Cuba is put on scale it wins “70-30 despite all difficulties imposed by the economic war suffered by its people.” It has been more than four decades since I was in Cuba for the first time and I know the Cubans have never lost their essence, their spirit of resistance, Amin added.

Regarding his expectations about the international event, Cruz expressed his joy because he confessed that he knows Prensa Latina´s work and “it deserves to be recognized”.

In this regard, Cruz thanked for his invitation to the event which, in addition, will allow him to “be thick with other colleagues”, he said.

Cruz acknowledged the initiative to recalls “the Operation Truth that Fidel Castro called for 65 years ago, because it was the driving force that Prensa Latina launched later, a Latin American news agency that has long remained at the service of truth and that really has a meaning for us”.

Dr. Amín considered that being present in Havana is, at this time, an important sign of solidarity.

Over 400 international journalists witnessed firsthand the reality of the newly-formed Cuban revolutionary process, which from the beginning had been the object of continuous smear campaigns and destabilization attempts coming from the United States.


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