From a Vermont Classroom to Cuba

South Burlington, Vt. – Kids in South Burlington are building bridges to Cuba with the help of a non-profit organization.

The Chamberlin School is working with an organizaiton called CAFS Custom Cuba Travel to build bridges between people, communities and countries. On Wednesday, organizers picked up school supplies to bring to schools in and around the Havana area.

Not only will the supplies help students in Cuba, but Co-Director Jared Carter said it’s also teaching students in Vermont a bigger lesson.

“It’s opportunity to give back. Recognizing that when you are fortunate there’s a moral obligation to engage with your neighbors, to give back, to participate in a broader community and particularly for young children I think that’s such an important learning objective,” Carter said.

Carter also said it’s about sending a stronger message following change to the U.S. Cuba Policy. He said it’s to show the humanitarian heart is alive and well in Vermont and that we build bridges– not walls.

Rebecca Reese, myChamplainValley

July 19, 2017

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