“Friends of Cuba” promotes actions against blockade

Brussels, March 31 (Prensa Latina) The Friends of Cuba Belgian association is celebrating its 53rd anniversary with initiatives to accompany the island in the fight against the US blockade, Vice president Freddy Tack stated.

The co-founder of the organization said that after two years of limitations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, they are planning on increasing public activities and mobilizations.

According to Tack, the objective is to reach more people, since in recent times the Covid-19 forced to carry out fewer public activities or to develop them in closed spaces, including debates and projections of film materials.

One of the lines of action of the organization is the participation in an initiative against the blockade, Tack commented in reference to the Coordinator against the Blockade, which brings together representatives of various sectors of Belgian society around the common goal of denounce, condemn and demand the end of the US-enforced policy.

Tack added that these days they are also addressing the theoretical and legal component of the issue of the US blockade against Cuba, particularly in relation to to its extraterritorial nature.

“We also support the Soberana Project,” he said in relation to the initiative led by Cuban resident Reinaldo Romero to send containers to Cuba with medical supplies, which were dispatched three last year.

The Friends of Cuba in Belgium have accumulated a lot of experience in these solidarity operations, with dozens of containers sent to Cuba.


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