Friends of Cuba in Russia condemn US subversive plans

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Moscow, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Friends of Cuba in Russia agreed on the need to make the truth about the Caribbean island visible and strengthen the fight against the policy of the United States and its subversion plans in Cuba.

In the Wednesday’s edition of the Russian Europe for Cuba channel on YouTube, Program Hostess Lena Loshkina stressed that after a year of immense efforts in the fight against the economic crisis and the pandemic, Cuba is ready to lift restrictions.

“Cuba is ready to open its doors to the world,” said Loshkina, who is also the head of the Russian Committee for the lifting of the blockade.

At the same time, she drew attention to the progress made in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, and the opening of tourist facilities, social services and schools.

In this sense, Alexander Jarlamenko, a specialist from the Institute of Latin America Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, warned that the allegedly peaceful march planned for November 15 aims to show “an alleged dictatorial regime pursuing a democratic demonstration.”

However, he said, the organizers of the protest are the same ones who took to the streets on July 11, and they are financed by the same organizations that are trying to destroy the Cuban Revolution and socialism in Cuba.

Also this week, the Russian social movement “Venceremos” denounced in front of the US Embassy in Moscow the blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba.


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