French lawmaker calls for political and economic solidarity with Cuba

Paris, Jan 17 (Prensa Latina) French communist lawmaker André Chassaigne on Wednesday called for political and economic support for Cuba in the face of the US blockade, which he described as disgraceful.

Chassaigne, in Paris’ Malakoff commune, launched his book “Cuba, una estrella en la noche. La lucha del pueblo cubano contra un bloqueo criminal” (Cuba, a star in the evening. The struggle of the Cuban people against a criminal blockade) .

The text describes life in Cuba under the effect of the economic, commercial, and financial siege imposed by Washington more than six decades ago.

It also gathers, with concrete examples, the consequences of the extraterritorial nature of the hostile policy implemented by the United States to stifle Cuba.

According to the lawmaker, his book aims to become a kind of electric shock to awaken consciences about what is happening in Cuba.

Cuba’s situation cannot be analyzed without addressing what the blockade represents, Chassaigne, who is also the president of the France-Cuba Friendship Group at the National Assembly, said. He also included the historical question and the pretension of the United States to take hold of Cuba.

Jacqueline Belhomme, mayor of Malakoff; Isabelle Figueres, representative of the Le Temps des Cerises Publishing House; and Charly Bouhana, president of the Cuba Si France solidarity association, accompanied Chassaigne in the launch of his book.


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