French association highlights Cuba’s solidarity in Covid-19 times

Paris, May 9 (Prensa Latina) The French association Cuba Linda on Sunday highlighted the country’s solidarity in Covid-19 times, and reiterated its repudiation of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade.

In a statement on its general assembly, held this weekend, the organization created in 1998, noted Cuba has sent thousands of experienced doctors to more than 40 countries and territories hit by the novel coronavirus, despite the tightening of the blockade by the Trump administration (2017-2021).

In 2020, Cuba showed that its path chosen is the only one capable of protecting populations from the scourges that threaten them; the organization’s members attached importance to the nation’s effective, transparent and humane management of the pandemic, which included the development of its own vaccine candidates.

According to the association, Cuba’s example annoys the US imperialism, ‘which does not like it to be shown that the salvation of humanity is not capitalism.’

The US government maintains its criminal policy, a real intensity war against Cuba, to the point of tightening the blockade in the midst of the pandemic, he denounced in allusion to the 240 measures of reinforcement of the blockade decreed by Trump, many of them amid the global health Covid-19 crisis.

Cuba Linda ratified its full support for the people of the country, its government and its socialist Revolution.

We join the millions of voices that today have been raising around the world to demand the immediate and definitive lifting of the genocidal US blockade against Cuba for 60 years, the movement’s members assured.


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