Former president of France pays tribute to Cuban victims of terrorism

Havana, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) Former president of France Francois Hollande paid tribute today in this capital to the victims of the sabotage on the La Coubre steamship, a criminal act undertaken against Cuba on March 4, 1960, in which French and Cuban citizens lost their lives.

This is a site full of history, said Hollande after depositing a floral wreath at the monument dedicated to the victims.

On my visit to Cuba in 2015 when I was president of France, time was limited, but now I am here to pay tribute to the victims, he said.

Their families would also like to be here and that their memories live on, and although almost 60 years have passed, they, French and Cuban, will always carry them in their hearts and memory, Hollande stressed.

The former president learned details of the attack that occurred on March 4, 1960, when at 15:10 local time a first bomb exploded, followed by a very powerful second explosion precisely as people went to help the victims of the first.

The La Coubre steamship contained 70 tons of weapons acquired in Belgium to defend the revolutionary process.


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