Forestry convention in Cuba

Experts from 19 countries are holding an International Agricultural and Forestry Convention in Cuba, focused on the problems of agricultural yields and the functioning of the sector’s productive chains. Source: Prensa Latina

Entrepreneurs, small farmers, academicians and university students are participating in the forum, to be run until Friday, June 16th, at the Conference Center in Havana.

According to the organizing committee, more than 600 Cuban and foreign delegates have been accredited to participate in the event, in which the holding of several meetings will be included.

Among them are the 7th Cuban Forestry Congress, one Coffee and Cocoa Congress, the 7th International Meeting of Young Agricultural and Forestry Researchers and one symposium on beekeeping.

According to Humberto Garcia, director general of the National Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Researches (INAF), the event should enable a profitable exchange on issues such as forest preservation, energy production and forest biomass, pests and diseases, cocoa plantations, bee flora and climate change.

Experts from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, the United States, Germany, France and Italy, among other nations, are participating in the analysis, the INAF director, quoted by Granma newspaper, confirmed.

Analyzes on the interaction between forests and water, sustainable technologies for agricultural production, ecosystem services in forestry, selection and improvement of bees, will be also included, the convention website reported.

timberbiz, June 14, 2017

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