Foreign Minister thanks solidarity with Cuba in Switzerland

Geneva, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez,in Switzerland, expressed his gratitude for the solidarity with the island and the actions against the U.S. blockade, during his ongoing activities in this European country.

In a meeting with members of the solidarity movement and Cubans living in Switzerland, the diplomat once more condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba and highlighted the 50 years of the Switzerland-Cuba Association, which carries out systematic initiatives against USA’s policy.

Rodriguez described the exchange as emotional and shared with the participants aspects of the current reality of the island.

The day before, the Foreign Minister intervened in the high-level segment of the Human Rights Council, a forum in which he rejected Washington’s aggressions, such as the blockade itself, the inclusion of Cuba in the unilateral list of countries sponsoring terrorism and the destabilization campaigns.

He also called for a new international order based on cooperation and for an end to the politicization of the issue of human rights and its use to attack governments that do not accept to be submitted to the designs of ‘the masters of finance, markets and weapons’.

The agenda of Rodriguez, accompanied by the ambassador to UN-Geneva, Juan Antonio Quintanilla, also included meetings with senior officials from the United Nations and from Azerbaijan, Palestine, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.


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