Foreign Minister rejects statements by US official on Cuba

Foreign Minister rejects statements by US official on Cuba

Havana, July 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez rejected today statements from the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, on domestic issues in the Caribbean country.

In a message posted on Twitter, the head of Cuban diplomacy assured that the United States official lacks the authority and morals to speak about Havana’s internal policies.

‘Your government has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars for subversion in our country and imposes a genocidal blockade, which is the main responsible for economic shortages’, Rodríguez wrote.

Sullivan expressed his country’s support for ‘freedom of expression and assembly in Cuba’ regarding the destabilization attempts that occurred yesterday, which brought about the rejection of broad social sectors.

The official ‘strongly condemned any violence or attack against peaceful protesters who exercise their universal rights,’ he added on the blogging platform.

However, local authorities rejected these actions to generate chaos in the current scenario worsened by the blockade of the northern nation and a rebound of Covid-19.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured that those who seek a social outbreak do not want health benefits for Cuba and questioned their support for the economic siege of Washington in the context of the pandemic.

Their principles, on the contrary, are based on the neoliberal model, the privatization of medical services and education, the head of state said in a television appearance.


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