Foreign Grant Holders in Camagüey Demand Freedom for Cuban Anti-terrorists

Camagüey, Sept 4.- Foreign students who are taking courses in Camagüey province will actively participate at a campaign in solidarity with the Cuban Five -three of whom are still held in US jails- to demand their release.

The Youth Computer Clubs will play an instrumental role in this campaign, through which young people will use social media like Facebook and Twitter to spread their messages claiming justice for the heroes, taking into account that these messages can reach thousands or even millions around the globe.

This will allow sharing ideas and principles with friends from all parts of the world and mobilizing the public perception in other latitudes where committees in solidarity with the Cuban Five have been traditionally carrying out  actions, including marches in front of US embassies.

Likewise, some noted scholars and personalities will deliver conferences on the history of State-sponsored terrorism against Cuba, propelled by organizations based in US territory with the knowledge and complicity of Washington. Foreign activists will meet in Camagüey with local residents to reflect together on the issue.

Starting on September 4th, foreign students will join their voices for the freedom of Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernández and Antonio Guerrero and will accompany the people in Camagüey in concerts, art displays and other initiatives.

The Cuban Five (three of whom are still behind bars) were arrested on September 12, 1998. Fernando González and René González are already in Cuba after having served their unjust sentences in American soil. (Juan Mendoza Medina/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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