Foreign funding of subversion in Cuba denounced

Foreign funding of subversion in Cuba denounced

Havana, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Money Project website charged on Wednesday that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ratified its call for applications to finance subversive projects in Cuba.

According to the source, this US organization suggested adapting the new financing requests to initiatives of ‘support to local civil society and human rights,’ to the new context after July 11, when disturbances took place in several parts of the country, instigated from abroad.

On June 30, USAID offered up to two million dollars to finance ‘democracy promotion’ projects in Cuba, and instructed applicants to identify unrecognized and unmet needs of Cuban civil society ‘in their pursuit of human rights and democratic values.’

These groups or individuals must also present a record of actions carried out as a guarantee to decide on the amounts to be granted.

Recently, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez noted that the United States allocates millions of dollars to finance NGOs that promote destabilization campaigns against Cuba, without the consent of the US people.

The US Government requested 20 million dollars for ‘democracy programs’ targeted at Cuba in its 2022 budget, the same funding for the current year.

In the opinion of experts, forces within the current administration are holding back the announced review of policies towards Cuba and are betting that the complex economic and health situation will lead to a scenario of ‘regime change’ in Cuba.


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