Forbes Magazine: It’s a good time now to go to Cuba

Washington, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) It’s a good time now to go to Cuba not only because the warmth of the weather would be matched by the warmth of the people, but also due to the safety for travelers, an article published in the US Forbes magazine said on Wednesday.

Specialized in the world of business and finance, the publication highlighted the gradual reopening that Cuba is implementing today after a long period of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel is resuming, which Cuba may face because it is equipped with a well-developed health care system that adds a level of security to visitors who choose the Caribbean island as a tourist destination, it noted.

Cuba is well positioned to welcome international travelers just when winter arrives and the warmth of the weather would be matched by the warmth of the people, noted the extensive article, which highlights that 90 percent of the country’s population has already been vaccinated against Covid-19.

It recalled that “Cuba has really had a seesaw tourism experience with the US over the last few years” due to the blockade that successive White House administrations have imposed on the country for decades.

The article added that “restrictions were loosened in 2015 leading to a veritable avalanche of tourists arriving on new direct flights and cruise ships.”

However, “new restrictions came back during the Trump years and haven’t yet been reversed,” Forbes stated.

The magazine suggested that “visiting at this early stage has an added advantage, as “visitors will be able to enjoy the amazing culture, music and art.”

Rachel Dunnam, director of Cuba Candela, a company specialized in trips to the island, told Forbes that during a recent stay there, she discovered that around 85 percent of the small and exclusive luxury hotels and restaurants used by her company are open again and others were added.

One shortage that Dunnam did find was that taxis were sometimes hard to find, a difference from pre-pandemic times. But she found that ordinary citizens with cars offered to give them a ride without asking for payment.

“It’s the Cuban way,” they were told, illustrating the spirit and generosity that visitors should really experience, the article concluded.
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