For the first time in Cuba XXV Carbet del Caribe Award

1418077530carbet-premio-caribe-1[1]On the morning of Monday, coinciding with the V CARICOM-Cuba Summit, where statesmen and foreign ministers from the region participate, took place at the Casa de las Americas, the press conference of the 25th edition of the Carbet del Caribe Award and Tout -Monde, to be held from 12 to 18 December in Havana according to the report from the Cuban News Agency.

Sylvie Glissant, widow of eminent intellectual Edouard Glissant Martinique, (1928-2011), creator of the award, and president of the institution that promotes, said he decided to do it in the Island thanks to the solidarity of Casa de las Americas.

It is the first time the award will take place in a non-Francophone country and will be sponsored by the Institut du Tout-Monde (The World all).

Glissant’s presence in this place has been a constant in both the publishing and cultural production. Last year, the Symposium of the Caribbean Cultural Diversity paid tribute to his work and life, in which Sylvie was present, publishes La Ventana, the news portal of Casa de las Americas.

Cuban poet and essayist Nancy Morejon, permanent member of the jury of the laurel, said it is a dream come true to celebrate this anniversary in Havana and recalled that Glissant said it would be a referral or continuation of the Casa de las Américas Prize for the field the French Caribbean.

She recalled that this part of the world is a crossroads of cultures, a kind of Tower of Babel and the Carbet not exclude literatures made in the ex-metropolis and other places where there are francophone communities, but it is approached from a purely Caribbean perspective, defending the identity of these peoples.

In his speech, I express it is also a beautiful match to be held simultaneously in Havana V CARICOM-Cuba Summit a a decade of existence of the Chair of the Caribbean at the University of Havana’s holiday at the Main Lecture Hall tomorrow the house of higher learning.

1418077615carbet1[1]Camila Valdes, expert of the Centre for Caribbean Studies of Casa de las Americas prize coordinator for Cuba, said the jury that selects the winning book among 15 finalists and award scholarship translation for an unpublished work in Spanish, will meet in the community of Las Terrazas in Artemisa. So far received titles from several Caribbean and Africa.

Valdés called the attention to the fact that the Award has always sought other ways of relating to value and Caribbean literature. An example is the opening of the program with a meeting between the jurors and students of French Lyceum “Alejo Carpentier” with students from the BA in French Language, University of Havana, at the start of the same day 15 in the Reading at the Library of Casa de las Americas.

Also highlighted the presence of Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez, president of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, who can be seen, along with other materials, Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Exhibit Along the Gulf (1980, 20 min. ).

The Carbet del Caribe Award and Tout-Monde concludes on Wednesday, December 17 on a day that begins at four in the afternoon at the Casa de las Americas.As explained Sylvie, the Prize consists of 5000 euros plus a work of art by the artist Martinique important Victor Anicet, author turn image that defines the Prize which the Cuban designer, Roilán Marrero, appropriated to create the graphic design of its 25 edition.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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