Food Is Priority on Cuban Government Agenda, FAO Says

Havana, Oct 15 (Prensa Latina) Hunger is not a problem in Cuba, but a permanent occupation on the government and parliamentary agenda, FAO representative Marcelo Resende said on Monday.

The message, published in local media, highlighted that the country is strengthening its food security and moving towards sovereignty on these issues; which is why, it has been celebrating the World Food Day (WFD) since late August with many reasons to celebrate.

On the occasion of WFD, the official pointed out that in a world where 821 million people are hungry, the Municipal Self-Supply Plan (PAM), developed by the Cuban government with FAO support is a good example and an innovative reality in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This Plan “promotes local food and nutritional security arrangements insofar as agricultural production links a goal of 30 pounds per person per month to a balanced need for a healthy diet. It also encourages greater productive support to ensure access to that quality diet,” Resende said.

Through the Life Task, the monitoring and resilience to mitigate the effects of variability and extreme weather conditions, which stress global food production, is also prioritized. The preparedness and response to Hurricane Michael demonstrate once again the importance Cuba grants to this issue, the statement added.

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