Following the example of outstanding women

Teresa Amarelle Boué, FMC secretary general, presented the August 23 distinction to compañeras and compañeros who have excelled in the work of the organization. Photo: Leidys María Labrador Herrera

Members of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Las Tunas and Villa Clara celebrated the organization’s 57th anniversary

LAS TUNAS.– .- “If up until today we have always triumphed alongside Fidel, now we must continue to triumph, but with his example as a guide,” stated Teresa Amarelle Boué, member of the Party Political Bureau and secretary general of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), during activities to mark the 57th anniversary of the organization.

Speaking to reporters, Boué explained that women today face immense challenges and the tasks set out in the FMC’s ¡Somos la Revolución! (We are the Revolution!) process respond to these. Likewise, she added that Cuban women unconditionally support the election process, as a guarantee of the continuity of their social work.

Las Tunas, which was recognized as an outstanding province in the lead up to this new anniversary, has shown positive results, such as a membership rate of 91.1%, systematic work with young women, and a strong link with the grassroots.

This thanks to the contributions and efforts of activists and collaborators, FMC-ANAP brigades, People’s Power delegates, and other factors. For their commendable work in support of the organization’s key tasks, 30 compañeras and compañeros received the August 23 distinction.

Offering the central remarks, Yaneidys Pérez Cruz, FMC secretary in the province, noted that today it is essential to strengthen the organization’s blocs and increase its ideological work in defense of the Revolution and socialism.


With a notable increase in women’s presence in the decisive tasks of the Revolution, such as food production, education, scientific development and health, the Federation of Cuban Women in Villa Clara will celebrate the organization’s 57th anniversary this August 23.

At present, women represent close to 60% of the technical and professional workforce of the territory, and just over 40% of those who occupy other responsibilities, demonstrating their key role in society, according to Mayelín Díaz Rodríguez, member of the provincial FMC secretariat, who acknowledged the decisive contribution of Villa Clara’s women to the construction of the Cuban social project.

She also mentioned the 6,324 women members working in the cooperative and agricultural sectors, in tasks related to food production, as well as the 156 women leaders of ANAP grassroots organizations, representing 62%.

Another example of the leading role of women in the territory are the five women presidents of municipal governments, and the three women leading Party municipal committees; in addition to having a significant presence in sectors such as health, education, commerce and gastronomy , the tobacco industry, science and the banking system, where women are the majority, the official explained.

She added that in recent years the participation of women in the self-employed sector has increased, expected to become an important force in the country’s development, while women also represent a good part of those who run municipal courts and prosecutor’s offices.

Despite these results, Rodríguez acknowledged that the FMC must continue to work to erase stigmas and prejudices that continue to prevent the full inclusion of women in all spheres of society, in addition to promoting greater participation of the organization in the fight against social indiscipline within the community.

Leidys Maria Labrador Herrera, Granma

August 22, 2017


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