Five Reasons to Come Together

5xloscinco[1]Yesterday evening, January 5, Ramón, René, Fernando and Antonio, and their families came together at the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists’ Rubén Martínez Villena Hall to participate in the “Fifth for the Five” event which has been held on the 5th of every month for the last two years, to show solidarity with the five antiterrorsists, until recently unjustly imprisoned in the United States.

During the encounter participants recalled — through photos, songs, video clips and poems – moments from the previous 17 actions , which have come to embody the continual and inspiring call from artists, creators, family and friends both in and outside of Cuba, in solidarity with the cause of the Cuban Five.

Works by renowned Cuban artists dedicated to the anti-terrorist fighters, complied in the book Desde la soledad y la esperanza; the video clip, El dulce abismo, by filmmaker Ronny Feliú, dedicated to Adriana and Carmen, wife and mother of Gerardo respectively, and the English version of Yellow Ribbon, featuring Cuban artists, an original idea by René González, were some of the works presented during the event and which once again – among applause, hand shakes and embraces – brought tears to the eyes of those in attendance, as has been the case since December 17th when the last three prisoners were released and rejoined their families, and people, in Cuba.

During the activity thanks was given to Cuban and international artists, who through their art contributed to spreading the message of the Five and inspiring people to join the fight against their unjust incarceration. The participation and support for the Five by diplomats and embassies from more than 50 countries was also highlighted. (Granma)

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