First Decisions Made by Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly

Members of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly. | Photo: Twitter / @tmaniglia

The political body has launched its Truth Commission to investigate crimes committed by violent right-wing opposition protesters.

The 545 elected members of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly, ANC, have begun dialogue sessions to update the country’s Constitution, just a day after they were sworn in.

The discussions bring together broad sectors of Venezuelan society to propose revisions to the 1999 Constitution.

It was drafted by a previous body organized by the late President Hugo Chavez.

Among its first decisions, the ANC has launched its Truth Commission, to investigate crimes committed by violent right-wing opposition protesters and the subsequent death toll.

It will also probe unrest during similar protests in 2014, which left dozens of people dead.

“To the violent, to the fascists, to those who make the economic war on the people, justice will be served,” ANC President Delcy Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez added that the ANC, with its “sovereign and plenipotentiary power,” will “heal Venezuela of the wounds of the economic war.”

The former foreign minister was appointed to lead the political body on Friday.

In addition, the Constituent Assembly has agreed to the provisional appointment of Tarek William Saab as the new highest representative of the Public Ministry.

It follows the suspension of Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz from her position.

Ortega will be investigated over accusations of “grave breaches of the law.”

And the constituents have approved a declaration of emergency and reorganization at the Public Ministry, a proposal put forward by Diosdado Cabello, a leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

At the end of the first round of discussions, the ANC President announced that the next session will be held on August 8.

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