Financial Institutions Consolidate Updating of the Cuban Economic Model

Camagüey, Oct 13.- Diversifying their services in line with the current updating process of Cuba’s economic model and providing better attention to clients are the foundations of the banking system in Camagüey province.

The granting of credits for purchasing building materials and kitchen components as well as subsidies for repairing or building houses are some of the many benefits that residents in Camagüey province have received from subsidiaries of these banks.

Besides, with the onset of non-agricultural co-operatives and the reinvigoration of self-employment more persons whether corporate or natural are in need to make full use of the above-mentioned credit policy in order to invest much more money on their businesses.

Executives in the field of financing announced that “given the success of this sector in this province, including the positive results got by the  People’s Saving Bank; workers at the subsidiary of Cadeca (Cuba’s money exchange office) will hold the central ceremony that every year marks the day of these employees in Cuba at a country-level”.

The above-mentioned entities are effectively applying a set of measures that were recently approved for this sector throughout the island nation and are also helping to materialize the guidelines for social and economic policies approved in the last Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.  (Juan G. Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte).


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