Fidel Castro’s Nephew Denies Rumors That Former Leader Is Dead

Fidel Castro holds up a newspaper with the headline “Absolved by History,” following a period of illness in 2006, when similar rumors of his death had been circulating.

Online rumors have resurfaced about the leader health, as he has not attended public event for just over a year.

Amid a whirlwind of rumors regarding the health of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, his nephew and son of current Cuban President Raul Castro, denied the allegations.

Alejandro Castro Espin told an Italian radio station that he visited his uncle just two days ago, and that the revolutionary leader remains healthy.

“We shouldn’t pay attention to such information,” Castro Espin said.

Alejandro Castro’s statements will go some way toward putting the rumors to bed for now. The former Cuban President has not been seen in public for one year; the last time was at a gallery opening of Cuban artist Alexis Leyva in Havana.

Each time the revolutionary takes prolonged respite from the public eye, rumors that he may have died surface.

Written by Telesur, CubaSí

January 12, 2015

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