Fidel Castro News and Quotes 2014: Former Cuba President Says No One Should Die From Ebola From Lack of Resources

In an article titled “Heroes of our time” in the Cuban newspaper Granma, Fidel Castro shared his opinions and appreciation toward Cuban efforts made to stop the Ebola virus outbreak.

According to The Associated Press, the article has the former Cuban president’s signature and is dated Oct. 2 at 8:47 p.m., but he said Granma asked “to publish it Saturday.”

In the article, Castro praised medical workers who went to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to fight Ebola. On Wednesday, 165 Cuban doctors and nurses went to Sierra Leone, bringing the number of Cuban health workers in the three countries most affected by the virus to 461.

“The delivery of the first medical brigade to Sierra Leone … is an example of a country which can boast,” Castro said in the article. “May the example of Cuban’s march to Africa also be in the hearts and minds of other physicians in the world, especially those with more resources.”

The 88-year-old, who stepped down in 2006 due to illness, added that there should be enough world resources to keep everyone alive.

“There are enough doctors on the planet so that nobody has to die for lack of care,” Castro said.

The idea is similar to one of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, who recently said that the Ebola outbreak is an example of the dangers of global inequality.

“The knowledge and infrastructure to treat the sick and contain the [Ebola] virus exists in high and middle income counties. However, over many years, we have failed to make these things accessible to low-income people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone,” he said during a speech at Washington’s Howard University.

“So now, thousands of people in these countries are dying because, in the lottery of birth, they were born in the wrong place.”

According to Reuters, at least 3,000 people have died from the virus in the three West African countries.

World Health Organization information cited by AP says that over 7,000 people have been affected during this outbreak, and about 3,300 people have died.

by Scharon Harding, Latin Post

October 6, 2014

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