Farmers say Trump’s Restriction Reversal to Cuba, Will Hurt Agriculture in AR

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Farmers in Arkansas speak out against President Trump’s reversal of door-opening trade policies with Cuba.

Fifth generation farmer Robby Bevis spends his Saturdays out on his farm in Scott, AR.

“I have a son that farms with me who will be 6th generation,” said Bevis.

Bevis said it’s already hard work earning a living from the fields, and after President Trump’s decision to reverse travel and economic restrictions with Cuba, it may be an even bigger challenge.

“It’s a shame that this has happened because the markets are down farmers are having a tough time right now they need every dollar we can,” said Bevis.

Friday afternoon President Trump reversed restrictions with Cuba, once lifted by former President Obama.

“The last thing we need is shutting any opportunity we have with with trade with another country,” said Bevis.

The Arkansas Farm Bureau said they hoped an open trade with the Caribbean Country, a two billion dollar export, would economically benefit The Natural State.

And Bevis hoped the same.

“You just shut the door on that much money that could have been agriculture and for the state of Arkansas that could have been huge,” said Bevis.

Representative Rick Crawford and Senator John Boozman sounded off on the President’s favored social media platform, Twitter.

“I strongly oppose President Trump’s decision to reinstate a failed, outdated, and isolationist posture towards Cuba,” Representative Crawford said in a statement.

“A return to embargo-like policies is the wrong approach,” said Senator Boozman.

Bevis hoped his farm continues for generations.

“It’s a pride it’s a legacy it’s something i hope to continue for my grandkids someday,” said Bevis.

And that the President’s decision will again be reversed, so those future generations will flourish, and able to sell their crops to Cuba one day.

Isabella Moller,

June 17, 2017

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