Family Code: The Best Way of Guaranteeing Cuban Minors’ Rights

Family Code is under popular consultation in Cuba. Feb. 14, 2022.

Experts assert that the new Cuban Family Code guarantees minors’ rights to be heard by taking their opinions into account. 

Feb 14 (teleSUR) The code, to be subjected to popular consultation in Cuba until April, gives children a legal status in accord with the postulates of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, stressed Yairis Arencibia Fleitas, a doctor in Legal Sciences and professor of Civil Law at the University of Matanzas.  

The responsibility on the exercise of children’s sexual and reproductive rights is the main axis on which the legal norm is focused. 

The expert remarked how extensively this subject had been studied nationally and internationally because of a trend in society for adults in charge of minors to silence their voices on such issues under the excuse of their lack of maturity.    

According to Arencibia, children and adolescents must be aware of such aspects regarding their sexual and reproductive rights by including this subject in educational programs.   

The Family Code in question intends to materialize children’s rights to grow up in a nonviolence environment where they can express their identity without reproach, acknowledged Arencibia.  

The text highlights the role of the family as primarily responsible for minors’ well-being and safety, as well as institutional roles that are of equal relevance. 

The transformation of how children’s needs are addressed in the current society is the main goal of the code. In this regard, it is required that all factors work together, parents and other family members, society in general, and the State have responsibility for the desired transformation, as emphasized by Arencibia.

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