Experts on Nature Tourism Travel to Eastern Cuba

Por Roberto F. Campos

Holguin, Cuba, Sep 27 (Prensa Latina) Taking advantage of the impetus to commemorate the World Tourism Day on Wednesday, 150 experts in nature trips from several countries are marking the date with tours of intricate landscapes in eastern Cuba.

Since dawn on Wednesday and divided into six groups, tour operators, travel agents, biologists and other specialists, together with a team of experienced journalists, are verifying the beauties of the landscapes in the eastern part of the Caribbean island.

Some of these trails scheduled as part of the 11th International Event on Nature Tourism (Turnat 2017) are truly magical, with waterfalls like Guayabo, a tour of the farm La Mensura or distant lands.

The rugged landscape is transformed into an effort that many consider an opportunity to test their strength, some of these tours start in jeeps and then require walking in the middle of a mountainous landscape.

Participants in the event are people convinced of the importance of nature, adventures and rurality to have a deeper understanding of the environment and understand the need to protect it.

The groups include people from Mexico, United States, Germany, China, France, Costa Rica, Belgiu and Spain, who together with their hosts make a perfect alliance of lovers of active travel.

Some 37 jeeps and other means of transportation arranged by tourism authorities in this region have allowed, during the initial hours, the departure for Cuba’s northeastern region.

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