Exhibition on Fidel Castro Attracts Viewers in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) Located in a principal site of Cuban history, the exhibition Jinete de Luz (Rider of Light), from the TV series ”El Caballo” (The Hourse), with the multiple and diverse image of Fidel Castro, draws the attention of visitors and locals in Santiago de Cuba.

In the porch of the old building of the Municipal Town Hall of this city, from whose balconies the leader of the Revolution proclaimed triumph on January 1, 1959, the sketches of the National Prize of Fine Arts Nelson Domínguez and the photographer Vicente González are shown.

Visual allusions relate the bearded face of Fidel Castro (Aug. 1926- Nov. 2016) to that of Don Quixote in his eternal break of spears against the injustices, beautiful and energetic composure that made the Cubans give Fidel the nickname of ‘El Caballo’ (The Horse) in his constant battle for the good of others.

Inaugurated on what would have been the late leader’s 91 birthday, the exhibition is complemented by large fabrics that recreate images of significant moments in Fidel’s bonds with the city in the central Cespedes Square.

People can see snapshots of the homage in the Cemetery of Santa Ifigenia to Jose Marti, the Cuban National Hero, and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and Mariana Grajales, recognized as Father and Mother of the Homeland, respectively.

The exhibit also includes the photos evoking the guerrilla struggle in the Sierra Maestra, with crossing of rivers on horseback and reading books under the shade of trees, as well as images of the assault on the Moncada Barracks on July 26, 1953, which despite the young revolutionary lost, their courageous action sparked the revolution.

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