Evo Morales Regrets European Support for Guaidó

La Paz, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales lamented today that some European countries support the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and a US military intervention in that country through so-called humanitarian aid.

‘Humanitarian Aid is based on principles of neutrality and non-interference. It is born precisely in Europe and for that reason now it surprises us and grieves, to see how some European brothers support the interventionism of #EEUU that attempts against such an important institution’, the head of state wrote in his Twitter account.

The South American leader questioned that those European nations support interference in Latin America and also recognize an interlocutor like Guaidó, who accepts military intervention in Venezuela, when in 2003 they opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Europe defends the idea of a multipolar world. In 2003, Germany and France opposed the invasion of Iraq. So now it is not understood how they support the interference in Latin America and how they recognize an interlocutor who accepts a military intervention of #EEUU in their own country, he said in another tweet.

The day before, Morales assured that in Venezuela there is no democratic conflict, but rather that the government of the United States seeks to take over its natural resources.

In addition, he rejected the statements of Guaidó, because in his eagerness to win the approval of Washington, he does not rule out allowing a military intervention in Venezuela.

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