Evo Morales condemns terrorism against Cuban embassy in Paris

La Paz, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday condemned the recent terrorist attack perpetrated against the Cuban Embassy in France.

On his Twitter profile, Morales denounced that this Monday attack is part of fascism that does not tolerate the peoples’ right to self-determination and, in the absence of arguments, only speaks with the language of violence.

He also expressed his solidarity and support for the Cuban people and condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade the United States has maintained for almost six decades on the Caribbean nation. On July 26, Day of National Rebelliousness in Cuba, a terrorist attack took place against the island’s Embassy in Paris, where three artisanal bombs were thrown, two hit the outer perimeter and one did not enter the diplomatic headquarters, authorities informed.

As a result, a fire occurred and Cuban officials extinguished the blaze, as French police and firefighters arrived at the scene.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the terrorist act and held the United States Government responsible for the events.


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