EU Ambassador to Cuba Rejects US Helms-Burton Act

Havana, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Cuba, Alberto Navarro, has reiterated on Friday the unanimous rejection by the EU against the anti-Cuban Helms-Burton Act, which, according to him, is in violation of the international right.

The EU unanimous stance and its 28 member states in relation to this regulation has been the same one from the right moment the law was passed in 1996 and when an European Council Regulation was adopted in defense of its extraterritorial effects, he said.

The diplomat referred to the so-called EU antidote legislation, or Blockade Statute which bans the US judicial sentence execution related to the Title III of the Helms-Burton Act and that cause damages to its member states.

When a regulation of the Council is adopted, it is therefore a law in all member states with direct application and with primacy over national law. Any judge in Europe who has a conflict between their legislation and this regulation, will have to apply this, he said.

The EU wants to protect its citizens and businessmen and the antidote legislation sets out the obligation not to cooperate in case there is a US judge who asks European employers for full responsibility.

Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which entered into force on May 2, sets out the authorization for US nationals to file lawsuits against foreigners for alleged traffic with properties nationalized in 1960.


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